Good news: Wellness-minded travelers are poised for another year of even more enlightened offerings from hotels, restaurants, airports and airlines. How is the industry evolving, you ask? Below, Wellwellwell editors share five of the most promising trends for 2015.

Breaking Bread 

More than 78 million Americans have food allergies and sensitivities—no small figure. Thankfully, chain restaurants are upgrading their menus to include information about common allergens like gluten, dairy, seafood and nuts as well as demonstrating a willingness to accommodate customers with allergies. Red Robin, P.F. Chang’s and Chipotle are leading the charge according to Airlines have also made strides, updating their allergy policies and dining options for passengers with sensitivities. Gluten-free meals can be pre-ordered on United, Delta, British Airways flights, among others. In 2015, even more options will abound, with health-centric restaurants like LYFE Kitchen, Sweetgreens and Hu Kitchen quickly expanding.

Taking Your Sleep Seriously 

Sleep, it’s no secret, is one key to good mood and better overall health. EVEN Hotels  is one example of a hotel making sleep a top priority. Cool, eucalyptus fiber bedding and LED mood lighting help guests catch quality Zs. Travelers can also take matters into their own hands with wearable devices that track sleep and rest patterns. This year, they get lighter, more stylish and less expensive. The Activité Pop watch, revealed at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is just one example of these proliferating wearables.


Activité Pop watch


New Ways To Work & Network 

Looking for intellectual stimulation on your next cross-country flight? Pass on the paperback and instead sign up for a seat in Delta’s Innovation Class, a “mentoring program at 30,000 feet.” Applicants have a chance of chatting it up with leaders in business, technology and art like Grammy winner Ryan Lewis and Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexander Wilkis Wilson. The program is in partnership with the business networking site LinkedIn. Amtrak also offers another way to maximize your transit time. The newly launched ‘Amtrak Residency’ gives writers and creative professionals a chance to “work on their craft in an inspiring environment” with free passage, including meals, on a long-haul Amtrak route. The company will announce early this year if there will be a 2015 residency.

‘Athleisure’ Goes Mainstream 

The fashion world has likewise caught onto our collective interest in adopting a healthier lifestyle, as evidenced by the number of sport-inspired looks coming down the runway. This has implications for those of us headed for another type of runway—the local tarmac. The comfortable, casual ethos of the ‘athleisure’ trend lends itself quite well to travel. With a pair of smart-looking trainers and relaxed-fit pants, you can look polished and professional as you fly—without sacrificing comfort.

Alexander Wang and H&M

Alexander Wang and H&M Collaboration

Workouts Your Way

These days, not just any old hotel gym will do. Travelers are looking for out-of-the-box and customizable opportunities to break a sweat while on the road. Each EVEN Hotels room boasts its own ‘fitness zone,’ which includes cork flooring, a floor-to-ceiling trainer with resistance bands, a yoga mat and exercise ball. TVs are loaded with fitness videos featuring coaches (like The Biggest Loser’s Jen Widerstrom) who lead a variety of different workouts with the in-room equipment.