Announcing the 2016 Wellness Warriors to Watch

Innovators for your radar: Photos courtesy of Chloe Coscarelli, Rich Roll and Caley Alyssa

At Wellwellwell, we’re always tracking down the latest trends in wellness travel — the places, tips, products and workouts that help you be your best on every trip.

Of course, these health and wellness stories are fueled by one thing: the innovators behind the trends. So which trailblazers are on our radar right now? The 2016 Wellness Warriors to Watch from mindbodygreen and EVEN Hotels.

From names you know — but perhaps don’t associate with wellness — to the entrepreneurs you should be following, these 20 thought leaders are at the forefront of the next big things.

Read their stories for a sneak peek at the future of the industry, plus let the Warriors’ travel hacks and favorite wellness vacations inspire your next getaway. Where to next?

See who made the list of 2016 Wellness Warriors to Watch.