It’s no secret that smell is one of the most powerful senses. Ever come across a familiar aroma like freshly baked cookies or your aunt’s perfume, and instantly flash back to a distant memory? Our olfactory response is directly connected to the emotional center of our brain, but scents can do more than conjure up old memories. With the growing popularity of essential oils, we’re discovering that certain smells can also increase overall mood and productivity.

From helping you sleep to giving you that much needed morning boost, it’s time to take advantage of these aromas.

Lavender: A Small Spritz for Better Sleep
Life’s everyday stressors make sleep tough for some. Here’s where lavender can help: research shows that the floral aroma eases anxiety and insomnia. The next time you find yourself tossing and turning, drop a dab or two of the essential oil on your pillow.

Traveling overnight? Take a few lavender-infused cotton balls on the plane to catch some extra Z’s while on the go.

Peppermint: Put an Extra Pep in Your Step
Feeling groggy after that deep, lavender-induced sleep? Pick up some peppermint! One sniff can wake you up, invigorate your mind and stimulate clear thinking.

Place the herb near your front door for easy picking before heading out, or carry a bottle of our favorite EO peppermint hand sanitizer—perfect for staying healthy while traveling.

Cinnamon: A Spice that Stimulates
Much like peppermint, this sweet smell can boost mental concentration and focus—a perfect midday pick me up. Chewing cinnamon-flavored gum will improve your cognitive ability, and sprinkling some in a cup of coffee can offer an added energy boost (plus a touch of sweetness to coffee’s bitter taste).

Basil: A Bounty of Benefits
From clearing imperfections to fighting fatigue, the benefits of basil are worth looking into. Put a few drops of the essential oil in hot water to combat the bacteria that causes blemishes. Feeling stressed while on the go? Throw the oil in your carry on and add a dash to a cup of tea.

Jasmine: Add Joy to Your Life
This emotionally uplifting scent is key for getting up when feeling down—the aromatic effects actively fight depression. The floral fragrance stimulates the release of serotonin in your body, which can boost your overall mood.

Incorporate this dynamic scent into your daily routine by carrying around jasmine-scented lotion.

Catie Horseman