Rest Easy

Quality sleep: Your passport to your best life.
Terry Cralle

Rest Easy

Your Best Sleep Position

The way you lie down can impact your health—and fight off some common traveler ailments. When it’s bedtime, don’t just flop down and expect the best—especially if you’re fighting problems like heartburn, back pain, or nasal congestion. Instead, take a minute to get into the right position, and you can wake... Read more

The Sleep-Slim Connection

Lack of sleep can impact your health in surprising ways. Here’s why you need to make z’s a priority—even when you’re not in your own bed. Frequent travelers often accept disrupted sleep patterns as the norm, but those nights of little sleep can do more than make you groggy: They can... Read more

How to Achieve Silence at 35,000 feet

Traveling by a train, plane or bus can be unpleasant. There are crowds to beat, lines to stand in and seats to find. On top of all this, we have an entire world of people rushing us through even our peaceful moments. It seems like the noise never stops. Longing... Read more

5 Natural Sleep Aids That Really Work

How many nights do you stare at the ceiling hoping to fall asleep – or wake up at 3 a.m. and can’t fall back asleep? If this happens often, you’re one of millions of Americans who suffer sleep problems. Fortunately, we’ve got five natural sleep remedies that can help. 1.... Read more

Sleep Better Naturally

Everybody has trouble sleeping now and then – but you don’t have to yawn and bear it. Insomnia increases with age, and so do its dangers. Poor sleep triggers inflammation and ups your chances of dangerous blood clots and hypertension. Sleeping pills add other risks, especially with age, often leading... Read more

The Nose Knows: Five Scents For Wellness

It’s no secret that smell is one of the most powerful senses. Ever come across a familiar aroma like freshly baked cookies or your aunt’s perfume, and instantly flash back to a distant memory? Our olfactory response is directly connected to the emotional center of our brain, but... Read more

Help Kids Settle into Sleep

A few simple steps can set the stage for bedtime when traveling. Kids get as excited about travel as the rest of us—which means it can be difficult for them to settle down and get the rest they need. These tips can help: 1. Switch off the TV, phones, and tablets at... Read more

Get-to-Sleep-Fast Checklist

Whether you're at home or on the road, a sleepless night can zap your productivity and your mood the next day. But before you pop that sleeping pill, why not try some natural remedies that can help you catch some Zzzz's without unwelcome side effects? "Approaches like these are effective for... Read more

Travel Light (or Dark) for Better Sleep

If you have a tough time falling asleep when you travel, you need to know about melatonin. This hormone, churned out by your brain’s pineal gland when night rolls around, slows body functions and lowers blood pressure, basically setting the stage for sleep. The problem is, traveling—especially if you’re jumping... Read more

Snacks to Help You Sleep

Keep these two foods in your suitcase—they’re proven to help you relax. It’s not always easy to sleep when away from home. But you can set yourself up for a better night’s rest by snacking on an ounce of pumpkin seeds or an oatmeal bar about an hour before bed. The... Read more