Travel almost always derails the hard work and commitment we have to wellness at home. Without our usual gym, healthy home-cooked meals and quiet time, it’s hard to stay on track. The new EVEN Hotel located at Times Square South is unlike any place you’ve ever stayed—and its goal is to let you visit a new city without undoing all the hard work of your healthy lifestyle.

Wellwellwell visited the new hotel, conveniently located by major NYC landmarks like Penn Station, Madison Square Garden and Time Square, to get a good look at their commitment to enabling healthy travel. Adam Glickman, Head of EVEN Hotels, also gave us the scoop on what makes this hotel so different from your average booking. “This brand is about supporting the customer who wants to go to a hotel, but feel like they are someplace different. They want to stay at a place that can keep up with their routine,” explains Adam. “We are delivering an experience that helps visitors relax and have wellness options—all with the support of a friendly staff.”

Here are eight ways this wellness-centric hotel is different than the status quo.

 1. They offer organic, healthy food options onsite.

EVEN Hotel Cork & Kale

If you’re all set for a long day of Big Apple sight-seeing, get your bearings first with a fulfilling breakfast at the hotel’s market: Cork & Kale. “We believe in the concept that when you’re traveling, you should have plenty of healthy food choices. Within the doors of the hotel, you can get options that match your nutrition lifestyle, with reasonable prices,” says Adam. Not only are the menu items organic and natural, there are food selections for every type of eater. With a helpful menu key, you can discern which items are protein-filled, have calming elements or are completely vegan.

 2. They have gym classes and guided morning runs.

Even Hotels New York City, New York - Times Square

If you only have a New York minute to dedicate towards fitness while traveling, simply step on the elevator and head to the hotel’s upscale athletic studio. “The major differentiator with our athletic studio is the size and what’s in there—1,200 square feet of brightly lit space filled with high-quality equipment,” describes Adam. The hotel plans to offer spin and yoga classes, but if you prefer to do your own thing, there are plenty of machines to jump on. If the great outdoors is more your setting, get a workout wakeup call with one of the hotel’s scheduled morning runs along the Hudson River.

3. Your room includes a signature EVEN Hotels trainer with core, cardio and strength options.

Even Hotels New York City, New York - Times Square

Going to the gym not your thing? Each guest room is equipped with an In-Room Training Zone that includes a yoga mat, foam roller, resistance bands, yoga block, exercise ball and an eight-foot tall trainer. Even the television in your room has workout videos (with the Biggest Loser’s Jen Widerstrom!) programed on the main screen. Putting in 15 minutes of ab work before heading to your business meeting has never been more convenient. Worried about having enough space? “The rooms are actually really spacious for New York. We knew to deliver the experience and the in-room workout training, we had to make the rooms big,” says Adam.

 4. All natural, spa-like products are waiting for you.

EO Products

Raising the bar of traditional hotel bath goods, EVEN Hotels stocks EO products. The plant-based health and beauty items have refreshing scents made up of essential oils. There are even two choices of shower gel: Energizing Grapefruit and Mint and Calming Coconut and Vanilla.

 5. The interior décor is inspired by natural elements.

EVEN Hotel Lobby

EVEN Hotel Stair Lobby

When it comes to hotel design, one of this hotel’s priorities was to make natural elements shine through in the décor of the space. Traces of orange (sun), brown (Earth), green (nature) and blue (water) are dispersed throughout the hotel. “Together, these colors represent harmony and balance, which is what our hotels are all about,” notes Adam. The entry way also has a wall of living plants and there are rock and sand-filled walls and pillars. Not your average, everyday hotel décor.

 6. High-tech room lighting lets you control the color. 

Guest Room_Double

The latest in light technology can now be found in the comfort of your room. LED mood lighting runs along the top of the headboard and can be controlled with a bedside remote. From soothing blue to bright red—pick whatever color matches your mood.

 7. Stand-up desks provide a better workspace.
Even Hotel Room Work Station

The hotel’s designers made sure to factor in an ergonomically designed workspace for each room. Opt for a movable desk or choose to stretch your legs with a stand-up desk. White boards are also in the room, making it easy to conquer any business needs that may arise during your stay.

 8. Drinking at their bar reduces your carbon footprint for the day.

Wellwellwell Greenbar

EVEN Hotels’ bar isn’t handcrafting cocktails with the same old ingredients. The spot is stocked with Greenbar Craft Distillery Spirits, an organic liquor company that is passionate about the environment. For every bottle purchased, the Los Angeles-based company plants a tree. By drinking their spirits, you will actually produce a negative carbon footprint for the day — sounds like a good excuse for a happy hour.

If we didn’t know any better, we’d also go so far to say that the new hotel really embodies the New York wellness way of life. In a city that thrives on new fitness studios and healthy eating trends, visitors can keep their wellness habits top of mind in a way that’s convenient to their travel.

Sound like your kind of place? If you’ve been looking for a hotel where wellness is built in, now is the time to discover EVEN Hotels. Click here for a special EVEN Hotels offer.


Author: Allison Klibanoff