This Hotel Was Named Most Innovative in Fitness for 2016

Fast Company is a publishing brand known for its progressive insight and coverage on top trends and groundbreaking news. The organization recently unveiled its list of The Most Innovative Companies of 2016, which it describes as companies that are “disrupting business-as-usual—and changing the world.”

Each category contains 10 companies, and the businesses noted for Fitness are well known to anyone whose goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitbit, ClassPass and Peloton all make the cut, but only one company on the list can give you a place to rest up at night: InterContinental Hotels Group. IHG received the honor “for creating EVEN Hotels for a healthy night’s stay.”

“This recognition reflects the true differentiated and customer-focused brand IHG has developed,” says Adam Glickman, Head of EVEN Hotels. “It validates that EVEN Hotels is so much more than just another new hotel brand, but a partner that’s inspiring our guests to stay on track when they are on the road.”

See what the Fast Company article had to say about our brand:

IHG Fast Company

We agree that EVEN Hotels is different than any other place you’ve ever stayed. If you’ve been looking for a hotel where wellness is built in, discover eight reasons why a stay at EVEN is the perfect place.


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Author: Allison Klibanoff