In the world of fitness, we all want to be on top of our shoe game. Sneakers are, after all, the foundation for our entire workout—not to mention our wardrobe. We want to look good when we’re lunging and squatting, and quality shoes make us comfortable (as much as possible) while doing them.

These athletic staples have become so evolved they are tailored to specific exercises. From cross training to running, the design of the shoe can help make your workouts better.

We researched what makes a fitness shoe…well great. Here are a few questions to ask before making that commitment to a pair of sneaks.

1. What do I need them for?

It’s an obvious question, but function is really the number one priority. What activity will you wear them for? Sprinting? Aerobics? Cross-training? It’s the first step to finding the right sneaker.

2. Are these the socks I work out in?

Sounds silly, but your socks make a difference in fit. Don’t wear your thick, wool pair when shoe shopping unless that’s what you’re planning to rock at the gym.

3. Do my feet have a high arch? Are they wide or narrow?

Foot structure is about as varied as the classes offered at your gym. Ask the salesperson to watch your gait and help you determine how your foot hits the pavement while running. They should be able to recommend something that will give you the support you need to get through your workout.

4. What time is it?

Studies show your feet swell up until about 4 p.m. So, if you’re shopping in the morning, there’s a chance they won’t feel the same by 6 p.m. Aim to get measured at the end of the day to keep yourself from getting into too snug of a situation.

We’ve profiled three types of shoes below, to show the varied specification and qualities they can have. Maybe one of these options is the perfect fit for you.

Sneaker Comparison Chart

Now that you know what type of shoe you need, find a version perfect for packing in your suitcase here!


Author: Frishta Yaqubie