Facials are a nice treat, but hard to fit into busy schedules—especially when they require recovery time and a lot of help from your wallet. But the experts at Heyday, the hot new NYC facial spot, are hoping to change all that and make skincare easy.

Changing the Status Quo

Your skin cells renew every 28 days, so treatments—such as facials—play a larger role in your skincare routine than you might think. “For us, facials are much more of a health and wellness area, versus a beauty, pampering and indulgence area,” says Adam Ross, CEO of Heyday. The shop offers a simple menu and straightforward skincare suggestions for both men and women.


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Ross says that time, cost and convenience are three of the biggest pain points that prevent people from getting facials regularly. They’re hoping the choice of 30 or 50-minute treatment times, the straightforward cost and the ease with which you can book, will change the status quo in the skincare industry.

The Experience

Heyday RoomsUpon entering Heyday, you’re immediately hit with the soothing, earthy scents often associated with spas. The vibe of the place, however, is a bit more upbeat than you might expect; don’t be surprised to hear popular music drifting out of the speakers above you. It won’t be jarring or club-like, but you just might catch yourself humming along to Kygo’s “Firestone.”

The layout of the facial spot is also less traditional. Rather than a long hallway with enclosed rooms, there are curtained stalls that break up the large, lofted space. The curtains provide the privacy you want, but the vibe is more modern. “We wanted to create an environment that wasn’t intimidating and could attract men,” explains Ross. Each area is equipped with a designated personal space for your belongings and—bonus—chargers are available for your phone or devices. Since you won’t need any tech gadgets for the duration of your treatment, it’s the perfect time to give your tech-cessories a little juice.

You can trust your face is in good care, with soothing, all organic treatments. If there’s anything used that strikes your fancy, you can find it at the front of the shop, but there’s no pressure to buy. When you leave the facial boutique, you’re more likely to have a refreshing, healthy glow than a red and blotchy face.

One of the differentiating perks of a visit to Heyday is the follow-up. You can expect an email promptly after your appointment, with comments from the skin therapist and recommendations on what type of product your skin needs. By making regular skin appointments, you can transform your skin and consistently understand how it naturally changes throughout the seasons. “We keep everything on file so that it’s easy for us to understand your skin and get you into the right routine at home,” says Ross.

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With Heyday’s model, facials might become less of a splurge and more of a necessity. “We are already seeing clients coming back, and commenting on how much their skin has approved. That’s really gratifying—it’s what we are all about.”

Fall Skincare Tips

For those not in the area, Heyday still has some helpful tips for your skin as we transition into fall. Check out their advice below:


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Author: Allison Klibanoff