The holidays provide the perfect excuse to indulge in comfort food. You’ve spent hours in the kitchen, you’re surrounded by friends and family and relaxing in front of the fire is all you want to do. Sure, the calories of that holiday ham add up, but how much exactly? That is a question most of us would prefer to not know the answer to.

At Wellwellwell, we put our calculators to good use to learn how many calories are in those foods—and how long you’d have to exercise to work them off! Did you know that a slice of pecan pie could have 500 calories in it? If you’re going skiing this winter, that’s 74 minutes of moderately skiing just to burn that off. Or how about eggnog? The creamy holiday elixir is something that should be reserved for special occasions—seeing that it’s 220 calories for one serving. You’d have to do sit-ups during the entire How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original TV version). That would make anyone a Grinch by the time the credits roll.

Don’t get too discouraged. The food is delicious and only comes around once a year. But just in case you’re interested, we’ve rounded up some holiday meal favorites, and provided suggested exercises to burn off the calories you’re consuming in each.

Wellwellwell Holiday Food Calories


Author: Allison Klibanoff