Indulge in Water Therapy

It isn’t called the Fountain of Youth for nothing. Here are four ways water can help you be a more fluid traveler.

Erase travel stress from both mind and body. No other activity offers more health benefits than swimming. In fact, habitual swimmers are biologically up to 20 years younger than their actual age, meaning their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance, and mental functioning are all comparative to people decades younger.

Get help to fall asleep. Take a warm shower. Besides relieving tension, it raises core body temperature, which prompts the release of melatonin, your brain’s natural sleep enhancer.

Fix a stiff neck. Try “contrast hydrotherapy.” In the shower, run hot water over your neck for 20 seconds then blast it with cold water for 10 seconds. Repeat three times. Alternating temperatures dilates and then constricts blood vessels, encouraging circulation to the cranky area.

Recover from a hard workout. Hot tubs can be relaxing for your mind. But if you’re looking for muscle recovery, there may be better choices, since heat promotes inflammation. Instead, take a cool or lukewarm shower. It doesn’t sound too inviting, but it works wonders.


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