This Wednesday, October 7th is National Kale Day. A proclamation that started in 2012, this day is meant to celebrate the leafy green and all the health benefits it provides. A group of experts, known as Team Kale, have come together to share resources and spread the good word about the hearty vegetable.

Psychiatrist, author and farmer, Dr. Drew Ramsey, may be one of kale’s biggest advocates. As one of the founders behind National Kale Day, he’s no stranger to the green’s benefits to the mind and body.

We asked him to tell us a little bit more about this important day.

What prompted the creation of National Kale Day? 

National Kale Day grew out of a brainstorming session about kale that occurred between Chef Jen Iserloh of The Skinny Chef and myself back in early 2013. We felt that all the attention that kale was getting could be used for a greater good. People totally underestimated the superfood power of this once lowly garnish. Not only is kale one of the most nutrient dense foods, it’s easy to cook with, versatile, budget friendly and readily available year-round. Year 1 had a few smaller schools involved, some doctors and some great grassroots excitement.

NKD 2015 350
Dr. Drew Ramsey and Chef Jen Iserloh

Who gets involved in National Kale Day?  

This year we are celebrating the third annual National Kale Day on October 7th and our grassroots effort has spiraled into a dedicated community of schools, hospitals, dietitians, retailers, farmers, food companies, restaurants, consumers and more promoting and eating kale. To imagine hundreds of thousands of students across the country, in some of the largest public school districts like New York City Public Schools and Los Angeles Unified Public Schools, eating kale is remarkable.

What is the goal of National Kale Day?

Kale-bration! We exist to celebrate and promote kale. Our simple goal is to have every American pause for a moment, give thanks for a delicious, nutrient dense plant and to eat kale. We give ample bonus points for people who share kale—especially with kids—and who spread the word by mentioning #kaleday2015 on social media. In all seriousness, our focus has been helping schools and hospitals incorporate kale into their menus and teaching people about the incredible impact that eating nutrient dense plants can have on overall health. We want to continue to advocate for the value of kale in every way. We have been amazed by the support from our great sponsors like EVEN Hotels that partner with us and challenge us to spread the kale as far and wide as possible—while also accepting the challenge to help shape healthy lifestyles

So how can you get involved? See if there are any National Kale Day events in your area here. Whether you can make it to an event or are just adding it to your dinner menu, share your kale moment on social media with #kaleday2015.

That’s not all. We went straight to the source—Dr. Drew Ramsey’s kitchen—to have him show us how to make the healthy (and trendy) snack: Kale Chips. Take a look and give it a try at home.


Author: Allison Klibanoff