Some of us don’t feel as though our day is complete without getting in our daily workout. So why not get it over with before your workday actually begins? Need some convincing to wake up that extra hour in the morning? There are some great reasons why you should sacrifice just a little bit of sleep to get moving before dawn.

1. It’s a better morning wakeup than coffee. You’ll be in an overall better mood for your day and be more productive.

2. It’s healthier. Studies show that working out in the morning can lower your blood pressure throughout the day and help you sleep better.

3. You’ll have more energy for your workout, and you’re more likely to workout harder in the morning than after that long, exhausting day at the office.

4. You’ll start your day by burning calories and boosting your metabolism. Studies show you burn more fat by working out before your first meal.

5. You’ll find yourself wanting to eat healthier throughout your day. Continue your wellness kick through breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. It will open up your after work schedule. Now that you have your workout out of the way, you have more time to do exactly what you want to do. Say hello to happy hour!

7. You will find fewer excuses to avoid your workout. Sometimes after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is put on those gym clothes. If your workout is already done—then you don’t have to bother with excuses.

You may cringe at the idea of hitting the gym before the sun rises, but some groups are making it easier, and are planning fun events to entice you out of bed early—just take a look at DayBreaker.

Daybreaker 2

DayBreaker is a morning dance movement that originated in New York City, created by Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer. The two wanted to prove that people don’t need to be in an altered state of mind to enjoy the great aspects of nightlife. Their events are trending in big cities all around the world and it’s easy to see why. Gatherings happen three times a month from 7am to 9 am. All you have to do is go to the DayBreaker website and enter your email. You’ll be notified with the location and time of the next event.

Daybreaker offers a morning experience like no other. These events include anything from massages to pre-dancing yoga to a team of poets offering free haikus in the corner. At 7am, the dancing begins and for two hours you become best friends with perfect strangers. You won’t find a drop of alcohol at these events; instead you’ll find coffee, tea and a lot of water. It may not feel like a conventional workout, but you’ll definitely be burning those calories.

If you don’t have events like Daybreaker and going to the gym before work isn’t your thing, there are other ways of releasing those early morning fitness endorphins from the comfort of your own home. Try having a mini dance party in your room. When no one is watching, it’s easy to dance like Beyoncé. You know those difficult poses you can’t quite manage in yoga class? Try them in privacy of your room, where you can take your time to perfect them.

Start your day in an active way and you will find yourself feeling healthier and happier!


Photos Credit: Sara Wass Photo / Daybreaker

Author: Mariel Sahad