One of the best nutrition moves you can make on the go: Kick up the vegetable content of every meal. Vegetables contain plenty of fiber and water—both of which increase feelings of fullness. They’re also low in calories and loaded with nutrients. What’s more, some trainers believe that eating extra veggies throughout the day can help you fatigue less easily during workouts. Here are a few smart ways to power up your meals with produce.

Keep it simple. Order an extra side or two of veggies with each meal.

Make a pizza trade. Get that slice of pizza topped with veggies instead of meat.

Vegify your eggs. Select a menu item that’s already loaded with produce, such as a Western omelet, or select your own favorite veggie fillers.

Focus on a sandwich. Many eateries offer a veggies-only sandwich. Even if you don’t order that option, take ideas from its ingredients list. Try these produce picks on your burger or sandwich: lettuce, spinach, bean sprouts, olives, onions, peppers (sweet or hot), sauerkraut, tomato, salsa, mushrooms.

Stir a side into your soup. Ordering a stew or chowder loaded with vegetables is a great start, but what if your favorite soup is light on veggies? Ask your server if the kitchen can stir in a side of steamed corn, green beans, or another cooked veggie.