Spinning®, cycling, indoor biking…all these names define a workout that has been at the top of fitness trend lists in recent years and it’s not slowing down. Spynergy Consulting reports that over 100 dedicated studios launched from 2013 to 2014, and MyFitnessPal, an app where over 75 million users can log their workouts, noted that since 2013, cycling workouts have increased by more than 78 percent.

There’s no question why people love it; classes provide heart-pumping music and motivation—and you burn hundreds of calories along the way.

But before SoulCycle burst on the scene and prior to Victoria’s Secret models making biking shorts fashionable, there was a South African cyclist who wanted to introduce indoor cycling to the world.

Take a look at the cycling craze, from the very beginning, and trace its journey to the boutique obsession it is today.

Cycling: Tracing the Country’s Fitness Obsession