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5 Morning Coffee Alternatives to Get You Out of Bed

Whether you're embarking on a month-long elimination diet, Whole30 style, trying to save a little cash by cutting out that daily latte, or simply taking a break from caffeine, here are some alternatives to drinking a cup of coffee to start your day: Lemon Water For those in... Read more

Forget The Pumpkin Spice: 3 Better-For-You Lattes

The return of Starbucks' popular Pumpkin Spice Latte is a good news/bad news scenario for anyone who savors this seasonal drink. That first sip is something to celebrate, but after that you might want to think twice about making it a regular habit. With 380 calories and 50 grams of... Read more

Surprising Things That Keep You Up At Night—Literally

Ever decide, as the clock ticks closer to bedtime, that you’re in the mood for a snack? Dinner just wasn’t filling enough, or maybe your sweet tooth is kicking in. What you may not realize, as you take a bite of your 3-scoop chocolate ice cream, is some of these... Read more

Coffee Talk: The Benefits and The Downfalls

Between the ritualistic morning cup and the afternoon pick-me-up order, it’s clear that coffee is a necessity for many to stay focused, attentive—and maybe even awake? Unlike other diet marvels, like sugar substitutes, scientific research continues to prove the benefits of coffee on the mind and body. Let’s count... Read more

News You Can Use: This Report Could Affect The Way We Eat

Late last week, The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released a report noting its new diet recommendations. The report surprised many in the nutrition world with new areas of focus and changes to previous advice. This year, the committee placed high importance on food choices rather than specific nutrients.... Read more

Sip Away Muscle Aches

Drinking coffee before a workout has been shown to help reduce muscle soreness.  All you need is 350 milligrams of caffeine—that’s just a little more than two cups—before you exercise to decrease aches and pains from a workout. Caffeine blocks the action of adenosine, a pain-stimulating chemical found in most body... Read more

Mugs of Good Health

Craving a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate? No matter which you order, check out the health benefits—plus simple ways to give them a boost. Hot chocolate, coffee and tea. How do they measure up when it comes to your health? Here’s a quick breakdown with some surprising health benefits. Hot... Read more

Love That Latte, but Keep It Small

Whatever your itinerary holds, you want to stay focused and awake for it. Just don’t guzzle a jumbo java right after leaving your hotel room. Experts say that you’ll enjoy more of caffeine’s alertness-related perks by stretching out your intake over several hours. Have 8 ounces or less of coffee... Read more

Business Traveler Spending Trend

From conference rooms to hotel lobbies to urban eateries to busy city streets, coffee to-go cups seem to have replaced briefcases as the ultimate accessory for today’s business traveler. And the latest U.S. business traveler spending report from online expense management provider Certify reflects that coffee is king as the beverage... Read more