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5 Healthy Snacks You Can Make Before You Travel

Don't let that bag of potato chips ruin those healthy eating resolutions when you're on the go. Here are five snacks to prepare in advance and stock in your luggage or carry-on. From toting along roasted chickpeas to a handful of granola, you can prevent healthy diet sabotages while traveling... Read more

5 Ways to Add More Matcha to Your Life

It's no secret that green tea has risen to prominence in recent years, thanks in part to its antioxidants and the host of health benefits they promote. If you enjoy green tea and want to pack an even more powerful punch into your diet, matcha — the light green powder... Read more

Tasty and TSA-Approved: 5 Snacks for Your Carry-On

Flying, under the best of circumstances, can disrupt regular meals and make it challenging to eat healthy. Add in delays getting off the ground and uninspiring choices in the air, and you may find yourself quickly getting tired, unproductive and cranky. To make the most of your valuable time on the... Read more

Surprising Things That Keep You Up At Night—Literally

Ever decide, as the clock ticks closer to bedtime, that you’re in the mood for a snack? Dinner just wasn’t filling enough, or maybe your sweet tooth is kicking in. What you may not realize, as you take a bite of your 3-scoop chocolate ice cream, is some of these... Read more

Totally Nuts: Examining Nutrition for Popular Nut Butters

While I think most can agree that peanut butter is delicious, recent years have seen a surge in almost every other kind of nut butter imaginable. Gone are the days of just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Kids now have the choice of almond butter and jelly sandwiches, cashew buttered... Read more

4 Fruity Products Get a Veggie Boost

Now here's a packaged food trend I can wholeheartedly get behind. In an attempt to give their products more health appeal, companies are sneaking veggies into items that are usually flavored with sweeter fruits. Everything from avocado ice pops and butternut squash yogurt to carrot-berry muffins and kale granola bars... Read more

5 Snacks To Stash into a Carry-On

How to avoid the nutrient-devoid options lurking in newsstand concessions and vending machines. Eating smart on the move can be tricky: Overly processed snack options lurk in every convenience store, and some smart bring-along choices, like yogurt, string cheese and bananas inevitably get warm or smashed in transit. The answer: these... Read more