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EVEN Hotels Is #14 in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards

With wellness at its core, EVEN Hotels has been helping you maintain your routine since opening our first location in 2014. We knew you liked the in-room training zones and healthy food options — not to mention the friendly service (run recommendations, anyone?) — but we are floored to announce... Read more

Getting Over the Post-Vacation Blues

Feeling low or down after a memorable vacation or adventure isn't uncommon — you are coming off a rush of adrenaline and endorphins, and are settling right back into reality. "We feel more alive, more truly and authentically ourselves when traveling versus boxed in by society, responsibilities, expectations," says Ann Gibson,... Read more

How to Stick to Healthy Foods on the Road

Sticking to healthy eating goals is just as important to do when traveling, as it is at home, but it is easy to run into roadblocks. Portion sizes from restaurants have, on the whole, grown and it can be hard to track the proper size meal for you. Between business meetings... Read more

Find Balance. Travel Well. Win Prizes.

No need to pack your excuses when you travel this season—whether for business or just for fun—because EVEN® Hotels is offering you a chance to win weekly “Travel Well Prize Bags”. The bags include lots of goodies to enable your routine on the road: a one-night stay at an EVEN Hotel,... Read more