You’ve heard it from Grandma, Mom, Dad, your B.F.F. and favorite Aunt Ida: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But when traveling—especially if it’s a meeting-packed business trip—it can seem like there’s not quite enough time to tuck in something nutritious and delicious. Or maybe you’re on a budget and can’t be bothered to eat another granola bar?  We have an adventurous (and economical) solution. Below, you’ll find three unconventional hot breakfasts you can make with just a coffeemaker, all in the comfort of your own hotel room. You’ll just need to plan ahead—and be willing to think ‘creatively.’

You don’t need a skillet to enjoy eggs in the morning. Eggs, which can be found in most convenience marts, are a perfect way to get a protein-packed start to the day. Fill the coffee pot with the number of eggs you’d like and add enough water to the reservoir to cover the eggs once filtered. Set the coffee maker to ‘brew’ and take note of when the eggs are covered by the water. Wait about ten minutes and your hard-boiled eggs are ready!

Bonus: Cook for roughly six to eight minutes for soft-boiled eggs.

Nothing warms you up on a cold morning quite like oatmeal, and now you can have it in your hotel room. Travel with an oatmeal packet—or bring a small bag of oatmeal—and you have all you need! Place the oatmeal in the bottom of the coffee pot. Add about a cup of water to the reservoir and hit brew. Once the water has filtered into the pot, stir the oatmeal and allow a few minutes for it to thicken and cool.

Bonus: If you’re making plain oatmeal, spice up the flavor by placing a tea bag—like cinnamon chai—in the top part of the coffeemaker (where the filter normally goes). If your hotel offers individual packets of honey or jam, experiment and add those too!

Want something easy and familiar? Try toasting bread on the hot plate of the coffeemaker. If you have any small packets of butter, spread it on the side of the toast that’s on the plate. Top the bread with jam or almond butter (you can buy these in individual packets), and you’re ready to carry the breakfast out the door.

Bonus: Add two slices of cheese and another layer of bread on top to make a morning grilled cheese. Just remember to flip over and toast both sides!


Author: Allison Klibanoff