When you’re traveling and spending hours on a plane, it seems the possibility for skincare emergencies (think blemishes, dry skin, puffiness) increases drastically as soon as you head to the airport. That same stress-induced zit always makes an appearance on your forehead when you’re least prepared. We asked Susan Griffin-Black, the Co-CEO of EO, to share how she preps for travel. As one of the leaders behind the plant-based health and beauty products brand, she is the perfect source for in-flight skincare tips.

When you’re gearing up for a trip, what is your pre-flight regime?
Most important to me is a good night’s sleep before a trip and remembering to stay hydrated. I try to drink a lot of water. Also, I use EO’s Night Serum to make sure my skin is moisturized and ready for the stresses of travel!

You’re up in the air and notice a problem (blemish, dry skin, dark circles), what are your in-flight quick fixes?
For a blemish—a little dab of lavender hand sanitizer does the trick. Also, I suggest chamomile tea bags for refreshing eyes and face oil or moisturizer before take off and landing to avoid dry skin.

Can you give us three carry-on beauty essentials you never go to the airport without?
I would never travel without lavender hand sanitizer, organic breath spray and face oil (which can be used for face and dry hands too).

When you don’t have time to go to a hotel to freshen up, how do you transition from tarmac to out on the town?
I’ll use lavender hand wipes, breath spray, face serum and Amma’s Rose Perfumed Oil. After that on-the-go routine, I’m usually refreshed and ready for what’s next.

What are some traveling beauty rules you live by?
Drink a lot of water! It’s easy to let travel affect what you eat and drink, so remembering to drink water is so important. Sleep well the night before your trip. Avoid caffeine in-flight and stick to herbal tea (I suggest chamomile). On a plane, try to stand up and walk around every hour or so to stretch.

What new beauty trends have you started to incorporate in your routine?
I’ve actually been a long time fan of oils. I use EO’s Face Oil and Night Serum for face, and Body Serum #02 for hair and bath. Oil is great, especially for skin that is dry or imbalanced from traveling.

Do you have any travel blunders you’ve learned from along the way?
Many years ago, a friend took a sleeping aid while on the tarmac on a flight traveling from Hong Kong to San Francisco. She woke up 6 hours later only to find that they were still on the tarmac. I also learned to download podcasts for relaxation and sleep enhancement and use those to unwind instead!