From best-selling books to mobile applications to real-world seminars, creating — and savoring — the moments of joy in our lives has become a popular topic.

You may already feel happy with where you are in your personal life and career, but here are four ways to squeeze even more joy out of your day:

Have a Solo Dance Party

Whether you had a long day of meetings, or just returned from a client dinner, express yourself in the privacy of your EVEN Hotels room by turning on your favorite tunes and getting your groove on.

According to a study in the International Journal of Psychophysiology, putting on your most heartfelt song will boost your joy better than calming classical music or the white noise of the television.

Savor a Mindful Moment

Loving-kindness meditation — a technique that uses specific phrases to cultivate benevolence for others and ourselves — has been shown to enhance positive feelings. There are many phrases you can use with so-called “metta” meditation. If you’re unfamiliar with the technique, you can consult a guided meditation from an app like Buddhify or Calm.

Roll out the yoga mat provided in your Even Hotels room, or use a seat or couch cushion, and send your positive energy to the world while strengthening it within yourself.

Indulge Your Senses

Aromatherapy can be a simple way to boost feelings of joy or wind down for a restful night. Massage therapist Joanna Gregory, owner of Essential Massage Therapy, in Springfield, Mo., suggests a combination of citrus and flower scents — including lemongrass, orange peel, ginger, evening primrose and tea tree oil — to stimulate the brain with happiness. You can place the blend on pulse points or put a few drops in your bath.

If you’re ready to relax, however, you can also use scents. To help unwind, try a bath oil or shower gel with lavender. Then put on your pajamas and sip a cup of chamomile tea while you lie in bed between eucalyptus-scented sheets. All those scents can have a calming effect on the body and mind.

Go to Bed Early

You probably feel better when you get a full eight hours of sleep. Set yourself up for your best night of sleep ever and top off your great day by practicing good sleep hygiene. Put away your phone, and turn off the television, so your brain can start to power down.

For a great night’s sleep, the American Sleep Association also recommends saving your workout for the morning (not right before bed) and keeping the room as dark as possible.

Follow all these steps and you might just carry your joy into the next day — or the whole week.