From bright, open spaces to versatile food options, Omaha’s coffee shops have all the details you need to be productive. Here are five great coffee shop options within a short walk, bus or bike ride from the EVEN Hotel Downtown Omaha:

Culprit Coffee

With a cozy atmosphere and wide-ranging food menu, Culprit Coffee is a downtown spot that’s perfect for the remote worker. The bright space, featuring shelves lined with framed photos and glassware, pops of color on the walls and lots of greenery, makes settling in for a long work day a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, the cafe’s specialty doughnuts, scones, beignets and other house-made sweet treats are worth a visit alone.

Special Perk: The sandwich’s a thing here, with options including gravlax on a pretzel bun, chicken salad with pesto and a turkey-Swiss cheese comb with bacon jam.

Muglife Coffee

For the java enthusiast who is looking for a funky vibe, Muglife Coffee is a curated spot coffee drinkers will love. Exposed brick walls and lots of greenery make this spot the perfect place to settle in for a long work session. Muglife uses beans sourced through Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders for its menu of classic drinks and specialty brews like a velvety nitro brew. A range of pastries, from scones to pretzels, come from locally based Culprit Coffee and Blue Dot Confections.

Special Perk: The drink menu includes specialty items, like a shaken espresso and a full-bodied pour over.

Hardy Coffee Co.

Hardy Coffee Co. is an Omaha staple with several locations throughout the area. The downtown spot offers an expansive patio that’s perfect for taking in the scene or having a drink with a four-legged friend. The spacious interior has plenty of tables, making it a comfortable spot to stay for a serious work session. Along with house-roasted specialty coffees and a range of hot teas, this spot also serves some of the best cinnamon rolls in Omaha and healthy breakfast options like oatmeal and granola.

Special Perk: Hardy Coffee Co. is open until 10 p.m. daily, which is later than most other local shops.

Delice European Bakery & Cafe

Delice European Bakery & Cafe is known for its delicious pastries and signature coffee drinks. With plenty of windows and lots of tables, you can set up shop and watch the Midtown Crossing foot traffic throughout the day. The extensive food menu includes soups, salads, and savory brunch and lunch entrees like chicken pot pie, while desserts include macaroons, cream puffs and eclairs. Set up your computer near the fireplace, settle into a comfy chair, and enjoy one of the most comfortable offices in town — no passport necessary.

Special Perk: You can park in the next door Midtown Crossing parking garage for up to three hours for free.

Howlin Hounds Coffee

Howlin Hounds Coffee focuses as much on the customers experience as they do on their coffee. The airy space makes it conducive to being creative. The cafe also hosts local artists and various events in the space. Their coffee menu is varied, including classic drinks like macchiatos and creamy lattes, all the way to rich pour over brews, frothy macchiatos, and velvety French presses. Not a coffee drinker? Enjoy an Italian soda or a hot tea.

Special Perk: Rotating art and unique decor make this a spot where you can enjoy your surroundings as much as the coffee.