As consumers learn more about the potential health dangers of some commonly used ingredients in popular bath and body care lines, the market is shifting in favor of natural products made with simple elements straight from the earth itself. Many consumer brands are choosing to stay competitive with a kinder, gentler approach to the chemicals they choose, while others are doubling down and refusing to use anything other than food-grade ingredients. Following the mantra “If it’s safe enough to eat, it’s safe enough to wear,” these five product lines offer a farm-fresh take on cleansing your face and body.

Original Naturalists

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soaps has been a staple in naturalists’ bathrooms for more than 50 years. The brand gained popularity as the “flower child” generation hitchhiked its way across America with little more than a rucksack and the clothes on their backs. Today, the brand still hews to its hippie roots but has grown by leaps and bounds. Ethically sourcing only certified organic ingredients, the line offers everything from its classic liquid and bar soaps to body balms, lotions, toothpaste, and even organic virgin coconut oils for use as either a beauty balm or a cooking aid.

Flower Power

Among those who prefer simple self-care routines that rely on earthly ingredients, flower waters have long been a bathroom counter staple, even though many were originally produced to sweeten baked goods. These days, quite a few are known to pull double duty between the skin and the taste buds with aromatic agents like Valencia orange blossom and lavender.

Rosewater, in particular, has spent decades as the star of this particular skincare scene, and for good reason. Made by brands like Heritage Store, it acts as a natural toner, clearing away impurities left behind by most cleansers and priming the skin to absorb emollients from the moisturizers and beauty oils that typically come next in a daily regimen. Even better, it emits a light, sweet fragrance far more welcoming than its more medicinal counterparts in the cosmetic toner category.

Wizards of Oz

“If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, we won’t put it in our products,” promises Edible Beauty Australia, which offers therapeutic, evidence-based botanicals in addition to an extensive line of beauty teas for drinking. Its topical potions include cleansing milk, radiance tonic, body butter and eye balm — all made from edible ingredients and never with culprits like parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, preservatives, silicone, artificial fragrances or anything else on the latest hit list.

Based on the company’s product descriptions, it seems almost as passionate about language as it is about natural ingredients. In its own words: “The taste, scent, touch and inherent energy of our products is deliberately and carefully crafted to ensure your beauty experience is always a gastronomic, olfactory and tactile delight.”

Nature’s Remedy

The list of ingredients in the signature beauty oil from RMS Beauty reads like a list of items you might find in an organic kitchen’s spice cabinet, from turmeric and vanilla extract to jojoba seed oil and even licorice. Founded by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, who has 35 years of cosmetics industry experience behind her, RMS was launched after Swift swore off the traditional cosmetics she’d grown accustomed to using. The impetus: blood tests showing toxic levels of heavy metals, which Swift attributes to her heavy exposure to unnatural makeup over the years.

As a result of the scare, Swift made a pledge to source only the safest ingredients for her line of cruelty-free beauty products. To date, all are free of gluten, GMOs and soy, with a focus on ingredients that are equally at home in a kitchen recipe as they are in a bottle of tonic for the skin.

Orchard-Based Innovations

Beauty oils have come into vogue lately, and Texas-based Olive + M is upping the ante with its cold-pressed, plant-based oils packed with antioxidants, omegas, amino acids and vitamins. For its trio of products — cleansing oil, face oil and body oil — the company incorporates oils from red raspberry seed, pumpkin seed, pink grapefruit seed, hemp seed and of course its namesake olive.

Each of Olive + M’s products is all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan and GMO-free, not to mention sourced and produced in Texas. What’s more, for just $12, you can treat yourself to a sample pack of all three signature oils, which come in TSA-friendly sizes perfect for keeping in your carry-on.