Even for the most dedicated and disciplined, a regular workout routine can get stale over time, regardless of how often you switch things up and try different forms of exercise. Some inventive trainers and instructors have found an antidote to this fitness fatigue: fuse elements of various activities together to create all-new ways to break a sweat.

As a result, blended fitness classes are taking over gyms, studios and YouTube channels. Whether you’re game for showing up for class or would rather branch out in the privacy of your own home or hotel room, you can find something to spice up your regimen.

Here’s an overview of five blended approaches to fitness to help get you out of your rut:

Hoopilates: Hula Meets Pilates
The “hoopilates” concept brings the childlike whimsicality of hula hooping to the more refined adult practice of Pilates. Using the hoop to maintain form and momentum, these workouts can be tailored to meet almost any fitness (and coordination) level. TIME offers a video primer featuring a few basics, and real-life classes can be found in select cities via ClassPass.

Pound: Follow a New Beat
Another Pilates-based fusion workout taking the fitness world by storm is Pound, which adds the element of rhythmic drumming. Offered at Crunch locations around the United States, the class promises to help you “channel your inner performer” — you use weighted drumsticks, designed to turn a series of percussive motions into a “fat-burning, full body interval workout,” in conjunction with elements of Pilates for balance.

SUP Yoga: Balance on Water
As stand-up paddle boarding grows in popularity around the country, so do the variations on how SUP boards can be used for fitness. SUP yoga classes are now taught by a number of private studios and instructors nationwide, and many are accessible via ClassPass. If you can’t find one but you’re a long-practicing yogi, consider renting or buying a board and attempting your usual routine while atop it.

Buti: Burn Those Calories
Buti Yoga, a practice created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold, promises a “calorie-scorching workout [that] fuses power yoga with cardio-intensive tribal dance and body sculpting primal movement,” according to its website. For those who wish to sculpt and tone their deep core muscles, Buti skips the usual linear movements of yoga and favors those that challenge the body in other ways; this results in long, lean muscles, along with inches lost through cardio. It’s available on DVD, via a streaming service and from certified trainers in select studios and gyms across the country.

Cardioke: Sing Out for Fitness
If you can laugh at yourself, you might enjoy this strangely addictive karaoke-inspired cardio workout. Started by the son of celebrity trainer Billy Blanks (remember Tae-Bo?), “cardioke” urges you to channel your inner pop star as you try to maintain your breath well enough to sing your way through an intensive cardio dance workout. While there’s just one digital snippet online and the original workout can only be purchased on DVD, the concept can be adapted simply by singing along to your workout playlist — provided you’re not in a crowded gym.