Between blackout chocolate cake, Nathan’s Coney Island hot dogs and mile high slices of cheesecake from Juniors, Brooklyn’s most iconic eats aren’t exactly suited for the health-conscious diner. A new school of restaurateurs, however, is adding a veritable buffet of options for mindful dining.

Here’s a sun up to sun down guide for dining well near EVEN Hotels Brooklyn:


Eye Opener: Bluestone Lane, 55 Prospect St.

Bluestone Lane is a mini chain of all-day cafes that has made a name for itself with Australian imports like avocado toast and flat white coffees. Recently Bluestone has expanded its options to include a trio of wellness drinks that are as attractive to the eye as they are to the palate. Choose from a golden turmeric, beetroot or matcha latte, all steamed up frothy with almond milk. Of course, if coffee is a must, guests can see where their cups are sourced — Bluestone’s roastery is just a stone’s throw away, tucked under the Manhattan Bridge.

Breakfast: Sun in Bloom

Powering up for the day at Park Slope’s Sun in Bloom is easy to do with a menu that leans heavy on good-for-you grains, greens and proteins. Those with an A.M. sweet tooth can get down with an earth cup of dates, raisins and seasonal fruit, while the savory set will love an energizing morning burrito stuffed with salsa, beans and house special aphrodisiac tofu — all rolled up in a sprouted wheat wrap. Sun in Bloom’s cold press is ready to blend bright custom fruit and veg medleys to accompany your morning meal.

Lunch: Nha Minh

Combining classic coffee shop fare with Vietnamese flavors, East Williamsburg’s Nha Minh offers a seemingly endless variety of lunch options. Grain bowls are gorgeous with a rotating roster of seasonal veggies and hearty additions like asparagus seitan and adzuki bean tempeh. A house-cured salmon sandwich arrives on fresh focaccia with a colorful array of pickled carrots and daikon, hijiki seaweed and herbed spread. Plus, the multi-use dining room doubles as an art gallery and concert space for the neighborhood’s creative residents.

Happy Hour: Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo, a vegetarian focused Mexican restaurant, is home to an unbeatable happy hour from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday to Friday. Beers go for $3 and Champagne is a steal at $4, but the real draw here is a menu of $4 tacos filled with everything from grilled hearts of palm to ancho-marinated jackfruit. On Tuesdays, happy hour never ends with $4 veggie tacos and Presidente beers all night long.

Dinner: Olea, 171 Lafayette Ave.

Think of Olea as a little slice of the Mediterranean in Fort Greene. The dining room, outfitted with terra-cotta tiles, rustic beams and plenty of year-round greenery, sets the scene for a menu that allows vegetarians and omnivores to convene together. Think dishes like smoked paprika spiked chickpeas, wild arugula with goat cheese croquettes and a vegan saffron and red pepper paella.