Long-haul travel can take its toll on the human body, from dehydrating and depriving it of sleep to wreaking havoc on neck muscles after sleeping in uncomfortable positions and cramped conditions. However, it’s possible to enjoy some comfort on an overnight or overseas plane trip, given the right accessories. Anyone who’s ever emerged bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from a long flight clearly knows some secrets. Here are accessories can take advantage of all for yourself.

Kiss Neck Cramps Goodbye

Since finding a comfortable sleeping position on a plane is like the Rubiks cube of human existence, the designers of the Trtl travel pillow decided to take the pressure off the traveler and do the work for you. Named after the way you can tuck your head into it like a turtle into its shell, the Trtl has a strong support system inside that holds your head up and lets you gently recline your face to the front, back or side. With thousands of enthusiastic user reviews on popular shopping sites worldwide, it’s a good bet to solve an age-old problem.

Take Charge of Your Temperature

Blankets in general may be a dime a dozen, but the Cocoon CoolMax Blanket packs a multi-purpose punch: It’s lightweight but warm, roomy but packs up small, and is made of a super-soft, breathable material that wicks away moisture in case of night sweats or an airplane beverage spill. Once you reach your destination, you can also machine washa and tumble dry. Easily folded and packed into a carry-on bag or purse, the blanket can be tucked down from its 4’x6′ dimensions into a bundle the size of a paperback book.

Get Some Shut-Eye

Made of smooth, soft mulberry silk, the Alaska Bear sleep mask is a favorite of frequent travelers who need to block out the light from fellow passengers’ phone screens and overhead lamps. Graciously sized, it offers a full blackout experience while its natural fibers protect eyes from dry airplane air. What’s more, the adjuster on its head strap is located in the back, allowing you to rest your face on its side without stabbing yourself in the temples.

Enjoy Peace and Quiet

One of the most popular pairs of noise-canceling headphones is the Bose Quiet Comfort model, famous for its stellar construction, reliable bluetooth capability and ability to legitimately block out unwanted sound. The cloudlike over-ear pads are indeed quite comfortable, and with the noise cancellation feature turned on with a favorite bedtime playlist, sleep podcast or white noise application on your phone, it’s a one-way ticket to dreamland.

Freshen Up

Few people step off an eight-hour (or longer) flight feeling fresh as a daisy, but a small swig of mouthwash can go a long way toward reviving the mind and showing courtesy to those around you. Smart Mouth Travel Packs offer a convenient way to keep your breath fresh while on a long flight; the flat, single-use packs are TSA-approved and easily tucked into a pocket or shoulder bag. For less than a dollar per pack, a quick in-flight swish can mean the difference between a sad state of foggy-brained death breath and a mint-fueled feeling of total resuscitation.

Enjoy a Smooth Landing

No matter where your travels take you or how long your flight may have been, it’s always nice to ease into a well-appointed hotel filled with perks. EVEN Hotels welcome guests with infused water, natural eucalyptus fiber bedding, spa-inspired bathrooms, an in-room yoga mat, and freshly-prepared, health-minded meals at the Cork & Kale Market Cafe. Book your stay today and prepare to be comforted, inspired and — above all — well-rested.