You may love the idea of discovering a new destination, but not the stress of getting there. From anxiety about canceled or delayed flights to sleepless nights from jet lag, traveling can take a toll on the body and mind. Here are six tips to help restore your zen and find balance on your next trip:

1. Meditate on the Go

Whether you’re stressed by the experience of flying or just the mile-long security line, you can use mindful meditation to ease travel woes. Beginning a meditation routine may sound complicated for newbies, but guided meditations for flying and traveling make it easy to find your bliss.

Follow the script to ease flying jitters, or use technology to tune out stressful situations with smartphone meditation apps. Voices and soothing sounds guide your breathing and help drown out travel chatter.

2. Find a Yoga Class (Or Create Your Own)

Spending hours on a cramped plane can wreak havoc on your body. Get back in balance with a restorative yoga class at a local studio — or use EVEN Hotel’s custom workouts and included yoga mat to do a session in the privacy of room. As little as 15 minutes can help fight muscle soreness, and yoga’s shown to offer major benefits, including reducing anxiety and stress, helping naturally treat insomnia, boosting serotonin and decreasing joint pain.

Up the ante on your practice and get some Vitamin D by joining an outdoor community session in the place you’re visiting. Can’t find a class? Tote your yoga mat to a local green space and do sun salutations until you feel restored. Namaste!

3. Get Outside

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with a new place is by exploring on your own two feet. Instead of using a ride-sharing service, get to know the neighborhood by going for a run or walk near your hotel. Reap benefits of being outdoors like boosted Vitamin D levels and reduced computer eye strain while finding local shops and restaurants to visit. For an extra dose of the feel goods, take your run or walk to a park or natural running trail.

4. Go for a Float

Floatation therapy (a.k.a. sensory deprivation tank floating) promises to help reduce stress, while promoting a sense of calm. During a session, you float effortlessly in a private pod filled with 95-degree water and a high concentration of Epsom salts. Light and sound are eliminated so you can focus on — nothing.

Most participants leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, with studies reporting reduced blood pressure, improved sleep, and lowered levels of cortisol.

5. Stick with Your Keystone Habits

Don’t worry about maintaining all your healthy home habits when you’re away. Instead, focus on a few that matter most and hit pause on the others until you return home. For instance, you may opt to maintain your stretching routine, but ditch the long runs. You’ll enjoy the trip more knowing you’ve given yourself permission to let a few things slide.

6. Stay Fit and Sleep Well at EVEN Hotels.

Book your room with wellness-focused EVEN Hotels so you can focus on your trip — instead of your food and fitness routine. EVEN takes the guesswork out of on-the-road fitness with in-room training zones stocked with a foam roller, yoga mat, yoga ball and resistance bands along with training guides illustrating popular exercises. Find cardio equipment and free weights in the Athletic Studio — where you can also access free video workouts, or exercise outdoors with a provided map of safe running routes.

EVEN also helps you stick to your healthy diet at its Cork & Kale Market Cafe, where you’ll find fresh, tasty cuisine, balanced grab-n-go choices, and options for special diets so you’ll never be without great eats. When it’s time to rest your head, there’s no better place to drift off than in a restfully designed rooms with comfortable, natural eucalyptus bedding.