Doing yoga while traveling can help body and mind process all the new experiences. Adding a session to your morning or afternoon itinerary will help you stay energetic and clear-headed while exploring bustling New York City.

Here are five great yoga options, all located within a 20-minute walk of the EVEN Hotel New York-Midtown East.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a class, EVEN Hotels provides complimentary in-room yoga mats and videos, so you can break a sweat and shower in the comfort of your room.

Add Salt to Your Salutations

At Breathe Salt Rooms‘ Park Avenue location, you’ll experience the science-backed wellness advantages of dry salt therapy — especially beneficial to those suffering from skin and breathing ailments.

Choose between a 20- or 40-minute session lounging in one of the tranquil rooms, breathing in the curative micro-particles, or getting active during a Salty Yoga Class in a room gowned in pink Himalayan salt to naturally purify your lungs.

Pair Yoga with a View

Raise your hand if you’ve ever attended a yoga class that made you feel like the new person in school trying to sit at the cool kid’s table? That’s the exact feeling that Yo! Yoga aims to combat.

This small studio strips away all pretension, welcoming both beginner and advanced yogis. Whether you’re taking the silent “Sound Off” Yin Yoga and holding passive poses longer or a gentle candlelit restorative class, you’ll learn simple tweaks to hit those poses you’ve been struggling to master.

Bonus: Yo! Yoga offers both indoor and outdoor classes, the latter of which are held on the roof deck when it’s 68-degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Pay What You Wish

Yoga to the People is all about making yoga accessible to all. There’s a suggested donation of $10 per class, but you can pay what you wish.

And you’re not limited with your class choices, either. Try the Power Vinyasa Flow, which helps you build stamina, strength and mental clarity through a fluid sequence of poses that builds heat and connects you to your breathing. The studio also offers two (non-Bikram) hot yoga options, including a Traditional Hot Yoga and a Hot Vinyasa, both of which will help you achieve increased flexibility faster.

Try a Combo of Hatha, Iyengar and Asthanga

Plenty of studios in NYC focus on traditional Vinyasa; however, you’ll need to do a bit more digging to find styles like Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga.

Or, you can just go to Atmananda Yoga Sequence. This friendly studio specializes in the Atmananda Yoga Sequence, practiced all over the world. This unique Vinyasa Flow practice brings together Hatha Yoga, which teaches physical postures, typically at a basic level; Iyengar, which focuses on performing poses with proper alignment; and Ashtanga, where fluid movements are always done in the same sequence.

Bonus: The studio doesn’t have mirrors, allowing you to concentrate on the poses.

Try a New Kind of Happy Hour

Although mang’Oh yoga‘s one-room studio may be small, it never feels cramped. The uplifting space accented in jewel-toned yellows and greens also offers a wide variety of classes, from a Chill Out class to the more aerobically-challenging Lunchbox Yoga.

The happy hour class, offered at 5:45 p.m., will give you an energy boost before your evening’s activities.


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