Susanne Langmuir founded Toronto-based Bite Beauty when traditional beauty ingredients led to allergic reactions, and she realized there was a need for fragrance-free lip color made with natural ingredients. “For me, it’s a real connection to the nutrient-rich benefits you get from things that are grown, harvested, and handpicked over functional synthetics,” Susanne told Yahoo Beauty. “I saw an opportunity to build a lab that only had these ingredients and to find a way to work with them. “

Fast-forward a few years and Bite is not only a successful lipstick company but—in an industry that’s constantly reinventing itself—has made a significant splash with its Bite Lip Lab.

Located in NYC’s trendy SoHo neighborhood, the Lip Lab is a unique studio that offers something you can’t get online or in any cosmetic store. Makeup lovers can walk into the establishment and get a custom-made lipstick color in minutes. The experience includes one-on-one help from an expert colorist who will mix together shades based on what you’re looking for. Try the shade in store and make whatever tweaks you’d like—the patient colorists are there to make sure you get the perfect match.

Color isn’t the only aspect you can customize. Do you prefer a sheer or matte lip color? Would you like your lipstick scented? You can opt for a fruity perfume such as cherry or something subtler like vanilla or violet to be added to your color. What about the product’s packaging? Even that can be customized. Not a place for the indecisive, the Lib Lab offers unique combinations that guarantee you’re leaving with exactly what you want.

Once you’ve settled on all the right combinations, the Lab Artist will mix the shade right before your eyes. All elements of the lipstick are natural, so you don’t need to worry about breakouts or irritated skin. Once all is said and done, you’ll leave the studio with a shade as unique as you without spend more than what it costs for a tube at your local department store makeup counter.

This experience is a great one to add to the list if you’re visiting New York City. The Lip Lab is quite popular, however, so we recommend booking an appointment in advance.



Author: Allison Klibanoff


Photo Credit: Bite Beauty Instagram