Business Traveler Spending Trend

From conference rooms to hotel lobbies to urban eateries to busy city streets, coffee to-go cups seem to have replaced briefcases as the ultimate accessory for today’s business traveler.

And the latest U.S. business traveler spending report from online expense management provider Certify reflects that coffee is king as the beverage of choice for the business traveler.

In fact, Certify’s most recent SpendSmart™ Report lists Starbucks as the number one business expense, in the meal expenditures category for U.S. business travelers for 2013.

Evidently, today’s business traveler is in need of a cup of joe (and a snack on the side) more often than not!

Becoming a part of coffee culture has become a favorite American pastime for today’s business traveler, as there is seemingly a coffee house on every street corner, in every hotel lobby, and in every airport terminal.

And indulging in a cup of coffee in a faraway city is most enjoyable when getting a taste for the area’s local flavors. Try ordering a coffee infused with local spices or other local ingredients to enhance your experience.

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Dan Simons, Principal of Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group (VSAG), a Washington D.C. based international restaurant and hotel consulting firm

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