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How to Treat Yourself Over The Holidays Without Sabotaging Your Health

Keep your holidays bright and your health in check with these merry maneuvers.

Best New Travel Gear to Gift or Keep

Whether you're writing your own wish list or gifting a fellow active traveler, these 11 products will save the day.

Blue Zone Tips for Longer and Happier Living

Integrate these tips from long-living Blue Zones into your life and you may enjoy more years.

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.
Fitzhugh Mullan

5 Skin & Hair Products Made With Natural Ingredients 

Following the mantra "If it's safe enough to eat, it's safe enough to wear," these product lines offer a farm-fresh take on cleansing your face and body.

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5 Great Reads For Your Mood On Your Next Trip

Summer travel is a time-tested tradition that often involves long security lines and even longer flight delays. Whether we're hopping state lines, skipping time zones or crossing international borders, time spent waiting at the gate and sitting on grounded planes can feel like an eternity. In times like these, solid... Read more

Responsible Tourism: Leaving A Positive Impact When And Where You Travel

"Sustainable" and “responsible" have become buzzwords in the travel industry in recent years, but when it comes down to it, they really mean the same thing. Sustainable, responsible, travel simply means focusing on not leaving a negative impact on the places you're visiting. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, here... Read more

How To Move On From Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your list of New Year's Resolutions, written carefully on the first page of your still crisp and clean 2017 planner, stares back at you. Barre class three days a week. Pack lunch every day. In bed by 10 pm on weekdays. You were so hopeful when you wrote down your goals... Read more

Best New Travel Gear to Gift or Keep

Whether you're writing your own wish list or gifting a fellow active traveler, these 11 new or under-the-radar products are poised to make your winter trips better than ever. Dress to Impress Moisture-wicking and impossibly comfortable, Public Rec's Go-To Tee ($54) is the ideal base layer for winter wardrobes. Top... Read more

Blue Zone Tips for Longer and Happier Living

Where you live might have a profound impact on how long you live. These regions — dubbed Blues Zones — are places people live longer and better, enjoying a high level of activity and mental acuity well into their golden years. They also produce a larger than average number of centenarians,... Read more

Common Travel Ailments (And How To Cure Them)

Getting ill while traveling can quickly turn your vacation into a trip down misery lane. Luckily, many common ailments are avoidable and treatable. Before traveling, stay hydrated, eat nutritious foods and rest up to set yourself up for health success. Beyond those precautions, here are a few additional tips for... Read more

5 Skin & Hair Products Made With Natural Ingredients 

As consumers learn more about the potential health dangers of some commonly used ingredients in popular bath and body care lines, the market is shifting in favor of natural products made with simple elements straight from the earth itself. Many consumer brands are choosing to stay competitive with a kinder,... Read more

Getting Over the Post-Vacation Blues

Feeling low or down after a memorable vacation or adventure isn't uncommon — you are coming off a rush of adrenaline and endorphins, and are settling right back into reality. "We feel more alive, more truly and authentically ourselves when traveling versus boxed in by society, responsibilities, expectations," says Ann Gibson,... Read more

Increase Your Optimism With These 5 Happiness Apps