Eat Well

Eat Well

Mastering Dry January

The idea of starting off the year by taking a break from the hard stuff has gained legions of January abstainers. A booze-free beginning of the year offers several key benefits: Cutting out a month of happy hours can do wonders for your bank account and may offer the clarity that… Read more

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Why Pique Tea Is Your New Go-To Hydration Secret

Meet the wellness-world game changer who’s rethinking how you drink tea.

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Where to Eat Well in Omaha: 5 Healthy Restaurants

Finding healthy food in Omaha is easier — and more delicious — than you might think.

5 Places to Eat Healthy in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, N.Y., offers endless options for eating well, whether you’re in the market for good-for-you green juice and grain bowls, a vegan dinner or more.

Forget The Pumpkin Spice: 3 Better-For-You Lattes

With 380 calories and 50 grams of sugar, you probably shouldn’t let grande Pumpkin Spice Lattes become a habit. Here are three healthier latte options.

Move Over, Quinoa: 4 “Super Grains” To Try This Fall

These “super grains” may not be as well-known as quinoa, but they’re poised to become the next big thing on the culinary scene.

5 Ways to Add More Matcha to Your Life

From a simple morning drink to a decadent dessert, here are five ways to incorporate matcha into your on-the-go life.

Best Restaurants for Vegan Travelers

Need guaranteed vegan options? Look for these six types of cuisines.

Tasty and TSA-Approved: 5 Snacks for Your Carry-On

Protein, fiber and the power of beets.

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5 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road This Summer

The need-to-know tips for keeping your gut in check and enjoying longer-lasting energy throughout your summer trip.

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