Keep Active

Keep Active

Work Your Whole Body in One Move

The burpee is sort of like the Swiss Army knife of exercises—it’s multifunctional and handy just about anywhere. This combination squat/push-up/leap can get you fit in no time even if you are working out in a hotel room. Just do six reps a minute for up to 15 minutes. 1…. Read more

The World’s Best Warm-Up

It takes only 6 minutes and you’ll be raring to go.

Check This Fitness Stat

If you’re any kind of serious about exercise, the number you need to know is your heart rate. When you monitor your heart rate while exercising, it tells you how hard you’re really working. Try using three different heart-rate training zones for your cardio: low intensity (65 to 75 percent… Read more

Find Your Thrill

These five connections can help you discover races, events, and recreation—no matter where you travel.

The Ultimate 10-Minute Workout

No excuses. Even if you have a meeting within the hour, you can squeeze in a power-packed workout in 10 minutes.

Fastest Way to Stop Sweating

Finished a workout and need to dash to a meeting or dinner? Cool down with these quick tips.

Eight Ways to Stand Up for Your Heart

Even if you exercise regularly, sitting for much of the day (which can go hand in hand with travel) can undo the benefits. Try these simple ways to add more movement.

Anytime Ab Workout

Got 15 minutes? Get killer abs with this quick but effective equipment-free circuit.

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