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How To: Yoga Moves for Airplane Travel

Whether your flight is a short hop or a long haul, your body might have a few kinks once your plane hits the tarmac at your final destination. Courtney Love, a Boulder, Colo.-based yoga teacher, offers tips for preventative stretches for the hips, hamstrings and spine to do before, during... Read more

6 Best Urban Running Trails

Traveling for work doesn't have to mean sacrificing your fitness routine. Instead of logging more miles on the treadmill, venture outside for a run on these scenic trails located within the limits of these six cities. The High Line in New York City The creation of this public space (just a few... Read more


Acroyoga is an unorthodox form of the ancient Indian practice that's poised to take yoga studios by storm. Blending aspects of acrobatics and yoga, the practice is about building trust, and consists of an intimate, challenging workout that's sure to get your heart racing. "Acroyoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics,... Read more

5 Apps to Help You Exercise Outdoors While Traveling

Running and cycling enthusiasts used to be challenged to integrate their favorite outdoor activities into regular business travels. Today, thanks to a host of applications and websites run by enthusiasts who have explored nearly every inch of America's great outdoors, it's much easier to find the perfect spot to get... Read more

5 Wild Fusion Workouts to Keep Your Exercise Routine Fresh

Even for the most dedicated and disciplined, a regular workout routine can get stale over time, regardless of how often you switch things up and try different forms of exercise. Some inventive trainers and instructors have found an antidote to this fitness fatigue: fuse elements of various activities together to... Read more

5 Plank Variations to Energize Your Workout

The plank is one of the best exercise choices for a quick workout anywhere from the hotel gym to the airport lounge. But the classic plank — in which you support your body on forearms, or hands, and toes — may not seem as challenging after a while. With core... Read more

3 Reasons You Need an Online Personal Trainer

If your hectic travel schedule makes it hard to commit to twice-weekly, in-person workouts with a fitness professional, you may need to rethink your approach. While you may want someone to hold you accountable and tell you exactly what to do with those dumbbells, do you require the trainer to actually... Read more

Secrets to Staying Fit During Wedding Season

A wedding can break your wellness routine as quickly as you can consume two (or three) drinks and a slice of cake. Rather than succumbing to the happy couple's signature martini, appetizer stations and candy bar, here are tips to stay healthy from the nuptials to the morning after. Workout First, Party Later If... Read more

The Best Yoga Mats for Travel

No matter where your travels take you, your daily yoga practice should be just that — daily. For the most dedicated yogis, even one day off the mat can affect them physically and mentally. But fear not, dear yogis, because more and more companies are making yoga mats that are perfect... Read more

America’s Top 5 Bike-Share Cities for Travelers

Traveling for work doesn't always have to put a kink in your workout routine or set you back at the gym. You may even up your burn with this simple and easy way to stay active and see the city: biking to your meetings instead of taking cabs or public transport. (And no,... Read more