Keep Active

Keep Active

Want a Personal Trainer? There are Apps for That

All you need to stay fitness-motivated while traveling is a good workout app.

This New Workout Combines the Best of HIIT and Yoga

What happens when a fitness trainer and yogi join forces to develop a workout?

6 Full Body Exercises for Your Hotel Room

Next time you’re traveling, get a quick workout done with these moves.

5 Easy Ways Stay Active at Work

Don’t let an office job hurt your health by sitting behind a desk all day.

Know these 6 Factors to Keep Your Heart Healthy

It’s time to talk about your heart.

9 Vacation Activities that Make a Great Workout

The next time you’re on a trip, try one of these fitness-fueled activities.

Wellness Festivals: The New Weekend Event

Want to plan a trip that benefits the body and the mind?

7 Ways to Stay Healthy on a Cruise

Ditch the all-you-can-eat buffet mentality and try these tips for staying fit while onboard.

Don’t Workout in the Dark: How to Stay Visible Outside

Stay safe while exercising in the dark with these gadgets and gear.

What You’re Missing Out On If You Only Do Cardio

Celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser, shares tips on how to know when you need to incorporate cardio or strength training into your workout regimen.

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