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6 Full Body Exercises for Your Hotel Room

Next time you’re traveling, get a quick workout done with these moves.

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#MissionWellness: Meet the winner of our hunt for the next healthy travel innovation

Your votes have been counted for #MissionWellness -- meet the winner of our wellness travel innovation contest with Well+Good.

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Downtown Omaha Neighborhood Guide

You'll feel right at home in Omaha, Neb., which pairs big-city dining and cultural attractions with Midwestern-style, small-town hospitality. The EVEN Hotel Omaha Downtown gives you ready access to the Centurylink Convention center and other major attractions, and the ability to stick to your health and wellness routines. You can... Read more

5 Things to Do for First-Time Visitors to Omaha, Nebraska

While Nebraska might be best known for its cattle farms and rural environment, Omaha is a sprawling metropolis of nearly 500,000 people with plenty of big city-style attractions. Whether you're in town for work or fun, here are five must-dos for the first-time visitor to Omaha: Shop for Deals From one-of-a-kind boutiques... Read more

EVEN Hotels Is #14 in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards

With wellness at its core, EVEN Hotels has been helping you maintain your routine since opening our first location in 2014. We knew you liked the in-room training zones and healthy food options — not to mention the friendly service (run recommendations, anyone?) — but we are floored to announce... Read more

Announcing the 2016 Wellness Warriors to Watch

At Wellwellwell, we’re always tracking down the latest trends in wellness travel — the places, tips, products and workouts that help you be your best on every trip. Of course, these health and wellness stories are fueled by one thing: the innovators behind the trends. So which trailblazers are on our... Read more

6 Full Body Exercises for Your Hotel Room

You’re a busy traveler so your schedule is a bit different than the average person. Not only do you come and go from your hotel room at unlikely times, but you don’t always have time to hit the gym hard when you’re on a work trip. We have 6 moves... Read more

This Hotel Was Named Most Innovative in Fitness for 2016

Fast Company is a publishing brand known for its progressive insight and coverage on top trends and groundbreaking news. The organization recently unveiled its list of The Most Innovative Companies of 2016, which it describes as companies that are “disrupting business-as-usual—and changing the world.” Each category contains 10 companies,... Read more

Find Balance. Travel Well. Win Prizes.

No need to pack your excuses when you travel this season—whether for business or just for fun—because EVEN® Hotels is offering you a chance to win weekly “Travel Well Prize Bags”. The bags include lots of goodies to enable your routine on the road: a one-night stay at an EVEN Hotel,... Read more

Calm-Down Salad Recipes from Cork & Kale™

Recently, chef and Wellwellwell contributor Christina Pirello showed how salads rich in magnesium and B6 can help you wind down your day. Now it’s time for us to share the recipes! Exclusively developed for Cork & Kaleat EVEN Hotels®, these salads will give you a satisfying and relaxing... Read more