Rest Easy

Quality sleep: Your passport to your best life.
Terry Cralle

Rest Easy

Make Your Dreams Work for You

Talk about an award-winning airplane nap. In 2005, artist and architect Solange Fabião was traveling to Biarritz, France, for a site visit to the future home of the Cité de L'Océan et du Surf, a museum focused on the ocean. Charged with creating a design for the museum for an... Read more

How to Become a (Healthier) Morning Person

How can she look so perfect at 8 a.m.? No frizz in her loose curls, no wrinkles in her pencil skirt and no chips in her Lincoln Park After Dark manicure, your competition sits across the lobby. She calmly sips her chai latte waiting for her turn in the conference room. As... Read more

The Trick to Beating Insomnia

Insomnia: The ugly word nobody wants to jinx themselves by uttering. Unfortunately, millions of Americans report experiencing insomnia every year. If you are having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep—all while feeling tired throughout your day—you are experiencing insomnia. It is often caused by stress in your everyday life,... Read more

Surprising Things That Keep You Up At Night—Literally

Ever decide, as the clock ticks closer to bedtime, that you’re in the mood for a snack? Dinner just wasn’t filling enough, or maybe your sweet tooth is kicking in. What you may not realize, as you take a bite of your 3-scoop chocolate ice cream, is some of these... Read more

Fall Asleep Faster

This simple trick works whether you’re at home or away. Having trouble turning off your brain when it’s time for bed? Don’t resort to counting sheep: A study of insomniacs found that those who mindlessly ticked off numbers took an average of 20 minutes longer to fall asleep than those who... Read more

Is Too Much Sleep a Bad Thing?

We always hear about what happens when you don't get enough sleep, but what about when you sleep too much? There is such a thing as being too “well rested”, and it can leave you with some tiring side effects. A good night’s sleep is essential to your health. While the number of hours recommended... Read more

Is Your Alarm Clock Bad For Your Health?

Ever since the reign of smart phones commenced, it seems that, in addition to being an immediate Instagram resource, they have taken on the role of our alarm clock. We’re sure many of you can relate to the excruciating pain of starting your day with the common, appallingly loud standard... Read more

5 Sneaky Sleep Stealers

Stress and noise are obvious barriers to a good night’s sleep, but beware these lesser-known disruptors when traveling. Tight pajamas. If your waistband is feeling a little snug, change to looser sleepwear. That constrictive feeling can be enough to disturb your sleep, especially when you’re also adjusting to a bed away... Read more

Will an Evening Workout Disrupt Sleep?

Research says go ahead and exercise, no matter what the time. Late-night exercisers can forget the old-school advice about avoiding workouts during the four hours leading up to bedtime. New research suggests that, while exercise does have some stimulant effects similar to caffeine, evening workouts often have no negative effects on... Read more

Lighting The Way: 5 Ways To Sleep More And Feel Better During Fall

Between football games, changing foliage and piles of pumpkins and gourds, autumn has officially announced its arrival. But if the season’s shorter days and chillier temperatures have you worried about catching a case of the end-of-summer blues, we don’t blame you. Your mood and energy levels are often directly affected by... Read more