As we gear up for a wild month of March Madness, many are choosing to travel and watch the action happen in person at basketball arenas across the country. If you’re readying yourself for a game night out, carb-loaded beer and calorie-filled giant hot dogs are usually on the menu. If you want to make better food choices in an environment that doesn’t usually advertise calories, take a look at our list below. It’s an “Eat This, Not That” for stadium dining.

Eat: Grilled Chicken Sandwich (252 calories)
Not: Cheeseburger (552 calories)

It goes without saying that a grilled chicken sandwich is going to be better for you than a fattening burger coated in grease. Skip the cheese—it’s probably just plain American anyway—and load up on whatever veggie topping they may be offering like lettuce, onions, peppers and mushrooms.

Eat: Unsalted Peanuts (305 calories)
Not: Popcorn (491 calories)

Stadiums offer something you don’t commonly see on restaurant menus: bags of peanuts. In-shell peanuts not only provide you with something to do while waiting for your team’s timeout to be over, they take longer to eat—helping you avoid absent-mindedly eating repeated handfuls of something salty. Make peanuts your go to rather than butter-laden buckets of popcorn, just try not to eat the whole bag.

Eat: Fruit (125 calories)
Not: Ice Cream (267 calories)    

It can be tempting to order ice cream before the final buzzer hits, but even one scoop can be high in sugar and fat. Instead of ruining your diet because of your sweet tooth, find a food window that offers fresh fruit. This option will still satisfy your sugar craving, but will be full of vitamins rather than processed ingredients.


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