Try these ideas to find fresh in-season produce wherever you go.

There are lots of benefits to eating locally grown fruits and vegetables. Also, since the produce wasn’t trucked (or shipped) from far away, its nutrient content is likely higher and its carbon footprint smaller. Use these sleuthing secrets to help you find the freshest choices.

Get seasonal insight. To figure out what foods are currently being grown in a particular area of the United States, visit the Natural Resources Defense Council website at There you’ll find a map that allows you to select a state and find out what locally grown or harvested foods are in season during a particular month—including fruits, vegetables, seafood and even plants such as Christmas trees and wreaths. Plug in the location of your upcoming (or current) destination, and then check menus for Chef Specials that include in-season ingredients. Also be sure to ask your server which dishes are definitely made from locally grown ingredients.

Do some restaurant research. A simple way to eat local is to seek a restaurant that specializes in it. For help, visit the website, and click on the “Plan a trip!” link at the bottom of the page. There, you can type in the city and state you’ll be visiting, select “restaurants” and search for nearby eateries that offer dishes made with locally grown, organic and sustainable ingredients. Once you’ve narrowed your search, click on each business’s review page for additional details, as well as an address and phone number.


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