Whether it’s eating with your family, friends or perfect strangers, food has a way of bringing people together. One could argue that advances in

EatWith Co-founders Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz
EatWith Co-founders Guy Michlin and Shemer Schwarz

today’s technology, have left us with more social barriers, but the company EatWith has found a way to use technology as a means to bring people of different cultures together with food. Their unique dining experience allows you to eat at the home of a chef, who proceeds to make you a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner, all while entertaining and sharing their tasting notes of the meal.

Though you can sign up for this experience locally, our favorite part is how EatWith can give food lovers the opportunity to avoid the chaos of typical tourism when traveling and instead have a dining experience that better shares the culture of an area. These private events are taking place in more than 150 cities including New York City, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Rome. Next time you are taking a business trip to a new coast or planning that vacation to Barcelona, consider booking a night of fine food at the home of a local chef or host. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy dining with other locals and travelers from around the globe.

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EatWith allows you to step out of your comfort zone, get a unique cultural experience and make some friends along the way. How does it work? Registration and set-up is free and the host posts the price (typically ranging from $35-$55 per person) for a specific meal on a specific date. Similar to picking what to eat at a restaurant you get to choose which host and dining experience you prefer. These meals typically feature local favorites with a creative fusion.

Dread planning dinner events? EatWith also offers the convenience of booking a private event and having everything—down to the dishes—taken care of for you. Work with the chef to keep within your budget and design your perfect meal.

In an interview with Collaborative Consumption, Co-founder and CEO, Guy Michlin explains that the idea to build EatWith was inspired by a fascinating dinner he had during a trip to Greece. Michlin describes the event as a “magical experience” which had quite a powerful impact on him. Connected through friends, Michlin and his family met a lovely Greek family and exposed themselves to authentic Greek food and culture. Michlin took this idea to his business partner, Shemer Schwarz, and EatWith was born. Now this innovative idea is bringing strangers together with food, drink and good company for a time you won’t soon forget!

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Author: Mariel Sahad