With wellness at its core, EVEN Hotels has been helping you maintain your routine since opening our first location in 2014. We knew you liked the in-room training zones and healthy food options — not to mention the friendly service (run recommendations, anyone?) — but we are floored to announce that your love for EVEN Hotel Times Square South has garnered the hotel a 2017 TripAdvisor® Travelers’ Choice® award.

After just one year open, our Times Square South hotel is one of TripAdvisor’s Top 25 Hotels in the United States, ranking 14 on the exclusive list. The awards highlight the country’s top properties based on the millions of reviews and opinions collected in a single year from travelers around the globe.

Of the top 25 hotels in the U.S., EVEN Hotel Times Square South stands out as being the only wellness-minded hotel in the mix.

Hotel general manager Dieter Schmitz leads the award-winning team at the property. “Prior to EVEN Hotels, staying on track was simply an afterthought. I feel the traveler was so hungry for a guest experience that was simply different, that allowed them to be well while on the road,” says Schmitz. “We knew with the unique wellness offerings of EVEN combined with the genuinely personable interactions of our passionate team of hoteliers, we would have a great year of guest feedback.”

EVEN Hotels, which publishes Wellwellwell, is growing quickly, with hotels now open in New York City (Times Square South, Midtown East and Brooklyn); Norwalk, Connecticut; Rockville, Maryland; and Omaha, Nebraska. Locations with hotels in the pipeline include Seattle; Miami; Pittsburgh; the Greater Houston area; and Eugene, Oregon. EVEN Hotels is also slated to expand into Australia and New Zealand, bringing our unique brand of wellness to the southern hemisphere.

Thank you to all of our guests who helped our first New York City hotel to number 14 in the country — we can’t wait to welcome you again soon.