Even young children can become flying pros with a little help from a travel-savvy mom or dad. Try these tips.

  • Walk to wind down. Arrive early so you can tire your child out with a long walk together through the airport. Nothing passes the time like an in-flight nap.
  • Make flight friends. Introduce your child to the flight attendant, and ask if you can meet the pilot. That kind of access makes for an awesome experience and can reduce your child’s anxiety.
  • Bring small treats. Before your trip, head to the dollar store and stock up on a few small surprises to give your child during the flight. Smart ideas:card games, small action figures or dolls, activity and coloring books, triangle-shaped crayons that won’t roll off the tray table.
  • Go for stories. Download episodes of a favorite TV show or a new movie that you can watch on the flight. Don’t forget the extra headphones or earbuds and a splitter.
  • Get your game on. Electronic games are the perfect backup in case the movie isn’t a hit. Commonsensemedia.org is a great resource for finding age-appropriate, parent-approved games.