Crossing time zones on your next trip? Try these tips to avoid losing productive time.

These strategies can help you adjust faster to a new time zone and be at your best—once you get to your destination and then back home again.

Wheels up, eyes shut. Sleep as much as you can while in-flight, both to and from your destination. Even a 30-minute snooze can help you feel refreshed. Have trouble sleeping on a plane? An eye mask and noise-canceling headphones can help tune out distractions.

Stay hydrated. Save the alcohol for an actual celebration. Drink lots of water instead. Don’t rely on the in-flight service—buy bottled water as soon as you clear airport security and bring it on board with you.’

Assume the local time. Don’t overthink it, just stay awake as long as you can…and try to make it to your normal bedtime.

Avoid the bed. Don’t even sit on the bed until it’s time to sleep.

Keep your schedule. Jump right back into your normal routine and schedule once you return home. You’ll likely have to force yourself to do it, but you’ll adjust faster—and miss out on less of your home life.


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