Traveling by a train, plane or bus can be unpleasant. There are crowds to beat, lines to stand in and seats to find. On top of all this, we have an entire world of people rushing us through even our peaceful moments. It seems like the noise never stops. Longing for a way to retreat from the outside world—whether it’s to relax or get work done? Luckily, someone else had that same thought. With noise-canceling headphones, we have the power to turn surround sound on or off.

There’s no need to blast music to drown out noise with these high-tech gadgets. The headphones actively work to cancel out the surrounding commotion. These miracle workers remove the ambient noise around you, so get ready to kiss the chaos goodbye with the simple push of a button.

There are four major components at work in these headphones:

  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Noise Cancellation Circuit
  • Battery

Let’s talk about the science.

A microphone, placed inside the headphones, is located close to the eardrum. It listens for that outside noise fighting to keep you away from your well deserved ‘me time.’ Once the sound is received, it’s sent over to the noise cancellation circuit, where the sound gets cloned and emitted to travel 180 degrees out of sync with the incoming sound. The end result? Serenity.


What about the things I need to hear?

That’s one of the benefits of these headphones and also what makes them so perfect for travel. They pick up only reoccurring sounds, like the frequent noise of traffic, airplane conditioning systems and the never-ending chatters between the people sitting next to you. When an announcement is made, the headphones don’t have enough time to cancel them out. It’s always a delayed response, making sure the important stuff never gets missed!

We’ve rounded up the top three headphones to give you a head start on your search. Splurge on one of these and you’ll be prepared to focus in any travel environment.

1. Bose QuietComfort 25
These over-the-ear headphones have been rated number one in the market and have reviews raving over their ability to drown out the background. Not only are they comfortable, but they produce great sound quality when it comes to your music.

2. AKG K 391C
Not a fan of big over-the-ear headphones? Check out these in ear headphones by AKG. Small and compact—they are the perfect travel companion!

3. Sony Premium Nose Canceling Headphones
Highlighted at canceling up to 99.4% of noise, these headphones are a popular buy. They promise premium sound even when the batteries die.


Author: Frishta Yaqubie