Whether you travel for business or pleasure, chances are you have fitness routines or goals to maintain on the road. But fitness can suffer when you’re frequently on the move with no consistent daily routine.

It’s entirely possible to keep to your fitness plans while traveling—you just have to get a bit more creative. At EVEN Hotels, every room comes with it’s own in-room training zone, but if the weather is great and you really want to get outdoors, here are four fun ways to stick to your fitness goals while traveling:

Change Up Your Commute

One thing that no traveler can avoid is the need to get from Point A to Point B in a new city. While it might be more convenient to order an Uber or hop on the metro or to get around, consider commuting under your own steam in order to keep up your activity levels.

This could be as simple as walking a few extra blocks to your destination, or grabbing a bike if you have a bit further to go. Bike share programs now exist in most major cities in the U.S. (and even in many cities abroad), making it easier than ever to get around on two wheels. Most offer day or weekly passes, allowing you to pick up a bike at one location and drop it off at another.

Book a Running Tour

You’ve heard about walking tours, food tours and Segway tours. But what about running tours? Running-centric tour companies are beginning to pop up in major cities around the globe. These offer a unique way to see a new city while getting in a great workout.

City Running Tours, for example, offers “sight running” tours in New York City, Chicago, Vancouver and other major North American cities. These tours consist of guided runs that include historical insights into the particular city.

Try Out a Local Sport

Some travel destinations feature unique sports or active pursuits (think Muay Thai fighting in Thailand or cross-country skiing in Nebraska). To compliment other things you’re doing to stay fit on the road, why not sign up for a class in a local specialty sport? Not only will you get a different kind of workout, but you’ll also likely learn a bit about the local culture.

Even if you’re traveling for business, you can still squeeze in something active after work. Pick up a surfboard or rent a kayak near a nice river or lake, or check out the local rock climbing gym.

Take Advantage of Deals

At home, you might have a favorite yoga or spinning class that you love to attend. To keep such activities affordable on the road, check out discount sites, like Groupon, which offers a “health and fitness” category to help you find discounted classes.

Pick up a deal for a barre class, salsa dancing lesson, or kickboxing session. Not only can you save a lot of money this way, but you might even discover a new workout that you love.

You can supplement all of these things with hitting up the gym at your hotel, or regular morning runs.