Spa days and trips to the nail salon are the perfect opportunity to splurge, relax and reset. While women are used to this form of pampering, most men are intimidated by the thought of it and don’t realize some of the benefits of splurging on special treatments. We wanted to make it easy—and not scary—for men to find a reason to head to a spa or barbershop to experience a little well deserved “me” time. Here’s a quick breakdown of some guy-friendly services and their perks.

Beard Trim

On average, a beard grows about a half-inch per month. While this doesn’t require a significant amount of upkeep, if you want your beard properly maintained, you should find a barber that specializes in beard trims. The purpose of these visits is to keep the look of your beard balanced and proportioned to your face. Barbers can help craft the beard you want and also recommend great products to keep the face itch-free and soft.


While often dismissed as girly, there’s no reason men should shy away from getting a manicure. Keeping hands cleaned and groomed are important for both men and women. The hand massages that come with a gentle manicure are relaxing and trimmed down nails are important to have no matter your profession.

Scalp Massage

Head massages can help stimulate the nerve endings and reduce tension on the scalp. You may have realized in the past how nice it feels to get your hair washed before getting it cut. The scalp is highly sensitive to touch. A simple massage has the ability to quickly relax and reduce stress that builds up in the body. WebMD notes that this type of massage “may also trigger the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.”

Straight Razor Shave

It you want to forgo your morning shave and opt for one that’s more traditional—like how your grandpa did it—ditch the canned shaving cream and head to a barber for a straight razor shave. This service gives you a closer shave and a smoother face. It’s understandable if you’re nervous to handle a straight razor, that’s why we suggest you lean back, relax and let someone else take control. It’s a slower process that can halt a stressful day in its tracks.

Facial Massage

Wanting good skin isn’t an ideal exclusive to women. Men have the same goals and a facial can help detox and rejuvenate. Expect a skin therapist to analyze your face and ask a few questions: Is your face oily? Do you have dry patches? What does your daily skincare regimen look like? Answer honestly—and don’t worry if your answers are “I don’t know.” Lay back on a table to relax, close your eyes and let them do their thing. They will likely apply a mix of lotions and oils to your face to help refresh the skin. It’s normal for your face to be a little red following your visit, but it should fade fast.


Looking for a reputable men’s salon near you? Here are a few great spots in major cities:

John Allans






John Allan’s: This men-only club offers a wide range of service from haircuts to shoeshine. The also offer memberships that give you access to all the clubs and special events and services.

Locations: New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Toronto


Grooming Lounge






The Grooming Lounge: In addition to two brick and mortar locations, this company offers a wide variety of products online, so you can extend the pampering to at-home treatments.

Locations: Washington, DC and Northern Virginia.







Exhale: These locations offer more than just a spa experience—they also have fitness and wellness classes. But if you’re looking for a facial, massage or acupuncture, it’s worth looking them up as they have a great treatments and spas located in many cities across the U.S.

Locations: Atlanta, Bermuda, Boston, Chicago, Connecticut, Dallas, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York and Turks + Caicos.


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Author: Allison Klibanoff