Business travel often means a lot of meetings and dinners that conclude with a few too many cocktails. If you routinely travel for work, this situation may be commonplace, but you’re still expected to be bright-eyed and ready to get down to business the next morning. Here are some tips to making your day-after go as smoothly as possible.

1. Food

After a night of drinking, you want to get some easily digestible food back into your system. (Hint: we said easily digestible not greasy). Avoid heavy, high-fat foods and instead go for a lighter breakfast, such as toast and scrambled eggs. Also remember that it’s good to have food in your stomach when drinking, so continue to snack throughout night once the drinks start flowing. 

2. Beverages

There are a few ways you can better your hangover mood when it comes to drinks. It’s important to replace the fluid you lost in your alcoholic daze, so water is always a good choice. (And something you should rotate through your sipping options the night of.) If you’re having trouble psyching yourself up for glass after glass of H2O, give a rehydration drink a try, such as Pedialyte. The traditional children’s hydration pick-me-up contains a light amount of sugar and sodium that may boost your mood. Many prefer this choice to a sports drink, due to its lower sugar and calorie count.

3. Light Exercise

Getting moving with a light workout, such as yoga or stretching, can help ease your hangover symptoms. Don’t attempt too aggressive of a routine, as you’re probably dehydrated, and thus need to work on replenishing the fluids you lost—not continue the process of exhausting every drop left in your body. “Sweating out the alcohol” is not really a thing.

4. Sleep

Sleep (and time) are unfortunately two of the biggest factors in getting you feeling back to normal. Despite how easy it may be to fall asleep when you’ve been drinking, the reality is you probably didn’t get a very good night’s rest. While naptime is not usually scheduled into your work itinerary, try to snooze where possible—whether it’s before you head to the airport or while you’re on the plane. It can help restore your body’s rhythm sans alcohol.

What doesn’t work? The old “hair of the dog” trick. As good as that Bloody Mary looks at the hotel bar, just say no. It might temporarily mask your blinding headache, but once the effect subsides, the pounding will be back and worse than ever. What you really need is a break from alcohol.


Author: Allison Klibanoff