Staying fit while traveling should not be complicated. The best strategy is to keep things simple. All you need to accomplish this is a healthy attitude and good athletic shoes. The very start of your journey should be focused on acclimating to your new surroundings. Walking is by far the best means to investigate the area. Along the way, you can peek at restaurant menus and locate the nearest grocery store where you can pick up some fresh, healthy snacks for the room.  The grocery is your one stop nutrition shop. There are plenty of options stacked between the supermarket shelves. Grab yourself some fresh fruit, precut vegetables, hummus and unsalted nuts. These items will keep fresh for several days. You can always put them in the hotel refrigerator, if necessary.


When dining out, make sensible choices. Take the time to evaluate the menu. Select foods that are steamed, roasted or broiled. Avoid all fried foods. Ask for dressings and sauces, to be put on the side. Don’t be afraid to request to have your food prepared in a healthy way that is not on the menu. Most chefs are happy to make these changes. There is no need to deny yourself the pleasures of eating out, but keep your choices as healthy as possible.


Traveling for business sometimes means a busy and hectic schedule. Good planning and a strong commitment to your health will help you adhere to your fitness routine. Ten  minutes is all you need to get the blood pumping and metabolism going. Exercise can help your business meetings become more successful and sustain your energy levels. My favorite travel exercises that use the entire body and elevate the heart rate are all versions of the plank. Planks activate the core, challenge the upper body strength and due to their intensity level, also raise the heart rate. These exercises can be done in a small space and they do not require any equipment.

  • PLANK JACKS: Plank jacks will warm you up quickly. Start in an upper plank or push up position. While holding the plank and maintaing a tight core, jump your legs apart and quickly back together. Do up to 25 repetitions.
  • RUNNING PLANKS: From upper plank position, alternating your knees towards your chest as if you were marching. Once you have a good marching pace, bring it up to a running pace. Wow! You will feel this one right away. Do up to 25 repetitions.
  • PLANK JACKS WITH A PUSH UP: From upper plank position, perform a plank jack and immediately follow it with a push up. This one will challenge you! Do up to 15 repetitions.


Have fun and enjoy the journey. Keeping things simple and staying committed to your routine will reduce stress and increase productivity.  Be sure to have nourishing snacks available, make healthy dining choices and move your body. Even better, get your coworkers or travel companions to join you.

Healthy travels to ALL!