Smart Late Night Snacking: It’s All About Good Choices

After a long day of meetings, the first thing most of us want to do is indulge in something that’s probably not exactly healthy, like salty chips or pretzels, or a decadent dessert. Sure, you work hard – then you deserve a special treat … but snacking smartly at the end of the day is all about making good choices.

And believe it or not, there are great, healthy late-night snack options that can feed your soul without letting your body feed on empty (unforgiving) calories.

Here are some healthy late night treats to consider for your next snack attack:

  • Enjoy mixed nuts as a great source of protein; go for choices with raisins, dried cranberries/cherries for added texture and flavor, or try a fresh oatmeal raisin cookie if trail mix is not an easy option
  • Order a fresh fruit, low fat cheese and cracker plate: it’s a satisfying, tasty late night option that is packed with vitamins
  • A small chopped spinach salad or a warm cup of soup like chicken noodle, lentil or tomato, (nothing cream based) are great choices for some late night comfort food
  • A handful of flavored popcorn, sans butter, is a tasty, fun option. Just keep the salt content low
  • Craving something cold? A scoop of your favorite all-natural ice cream, fresh fruit sorbet or a flavorful fruit smoothie will do the trick. No more than a medium sized scoop should do the trick if it’s ice cream
  • And the ultimate indulgence? Dark chocolate. Go ahead, treat yourself to a piece or two! (Bonus: since dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, it’s actually good for you)

About the Author

Joe Goetze, Corporate Chef for Vucurevich Simons Advisory Group (VSAG), a Washington D.C. based international restaurant and hotel consulting firm. Photography credit, Founding Farmers restaurant 

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