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Best Products to Get the Business Traveler in Your Life

When gift-giving season rolls around, what do you give the person who's always on the go for work? Even for the most road-tested business traveler, there's a perfect accessory out there, just waiting to make their a life a little easier in the air and away from home. Here are... Read more

Best Airplane Accessories for Long Flights

Long-haul travel can take its toll on the human body, from dehydrating and depriving it of sleep to wreaking havoc on neck muscles after sleeping in uncomfortable positions and cramped conditions. However, it's possible to enjoy some comfort on an overnight or overseas plane trip, given the right accessories. Anyone... Read more

5 Great Reads For Your Mood On Your Next Trip

Summer travel is a time-tested tradition that often involves long security lines and even longer flight delays. Whether we're hopping state lines, skipping time zones or crossing international borders, time spent waiting at the gate and sitting on grounded planes can feel like an eternity. In times like these, solid... Read more


It's one thing to fall asleep in business class, stretched out in a fully reclining seat with a fluffy comforter and all the comforts of first-class flight, but it's quite another endeavor to attempt some shut-eye when you're stuck in coach. For those in search of some rest on a... Read more

Tasty and TSA-Approved: 5 Snacks for Your Carry-On

Flying, under the best of circumstances, can disrupt regular meals and make it challenging to eat healthy. Add in delays getting off the ground and uninspiring choices in the air, and you may find yourself quickly getting tired, unproductive and cranky. To make the most of your valuable time on the... Read more

What to Look for in a Good Travel Stroller

Traveling can be stressful and once you add a baby to the mix—watch out—things get a lot more complicated. If you’re bringing a little one with you on vacation, it’s likely you’ll need to bring a stroller too. The nice to have and the must haves of the perfect stroller... Read more

Two Easy Ways To Combat Travel Stress

It’s no secret that between booking a flight and arriving at your planned destination, your stress level tends to rise. Amid managing the time it takes to get through security, the unplanned gate change and the unexpected delay, there’s a lot that can throw your travel Zen out of whack. In... Read more

Calm Your Travel Temper

The travails of getting from one place to another can try your patience, but be warned: Research shows that even one angry outburst can lead to serious health issues. Frequent travelers know that, at some point, they’re going to feel utterly frustrated by a traffic jam, flight cancellation or botched restaurant... Read more