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Increase Your Optimism With These 5 Happiness Apps

From simple games and cerebral exercises to micro-journaling and mini-moviemaking, try these five mobile apps — they just might put a smile on your face.

Meditation on the go

The Best Meditation Apps to Help You Stay Centered

Beginning a meditation practice is as simple as downloading an app you can use anywhere, any time.

5 Apps to Help You Exercise Outdoors While Traveling

Don’t let an unfamiliar city throw off your workout. Find a route with these traveler-friendly apps.

Want a Personal Trainer? There are Apps for That

All you need to stay fitness-motivated while traveling is a good workout app.

5 Ways to Keep Your Wellness Motivation This Winter

Next time Netflix asks if you’re still watching—after hours of viewing—how about saying no and finding your workout gear instead?

If this then that

Create a DIY Assistant

Here’s an app that helps take the hassle out of travel.

iStress: 4 Apps for the Mind

Your smartphone can be a great tool to help you achieve serenity, but also push the mind to grow stronger.

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